Fleshlight Distribution

With over 20 million sold and counting, Fleshlight® is arguably the #1 selling male sex toy in the world! In a market saturated with cheap novelties designed for a quick sale and destined to leave your customers unsatisfied and frustrated, Fleshlight® stands out as one of the only branded masturbation products for men that your customers will ask for by name.

Why Sell Fleshlight Products?

  • Made in the USA

    Our quality products have been made in the USA since day one. This allows us to not only employ fellow Americans, but also gives us complete control over our manufacturing to ensure we continue to produce excellent toys.

  • A Focus on Quality

    We cut no corners and spare no expense in ensuring we produce a top of the line, satisfying product every time. To ensure nobody is ever left unsatisfied we extend a 90-day Warranty on all our products that you can pass along to your customer.

  • Over 20 Million Sold

    We have been in the business of providing a cutting edge and satisfying product for over 25 years and have many happy customers to show for it.